Tasty Bits & Bytes at The Future of High Tech event


Though technically not a startup (yet, anyway), we were invited to show our Tasty Bits and Bytes project at the Future of High Tech event in Enschede. The event was part of the Startup Fest Europe, which is an effort to stimulate the growth of startups within Europe. The main event featured headline grabbing speakers such as Apple’s Tim Cook and Neelie Kroes (soon to be an adviser of Uber and board member of SalesForce).

At the Future of High Tech event we showed a setup that a group of students has been working on as part of the TB&B project. The setup was constructed for an experiment on the influence of visual stimuli on the perception and experience of flavor in yogurts. It works by projecting different shapes of different colors and with different animation speeds over a cup of yogurt.

We are currently analyzing the results of the experiment so more on this soon!