TEI’13 Work in Progress paper

by Gijs

Our work-in-progress submission about the early stages of the design of the TaSST (Tactile Sleeve for Social Touch), has been accepted for publication at the┬áSeventh International Conference on┬áTangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI’13). Here is the abstract:

In this paper we present the concept and initial design stages of the TaSST (Tactile Sleeve for Social Touch). The TaSST consists of a soft pressure-sensitive input layer, and an output layer containing vibration motors. A touch to ones own sleeve, is felt as a vibration on the sleeve of another person. The idea behind the TaSST is to enable two people to communicate different types of touch over a distance. We will outline the design process of the TaSST, describe some initial results from a user study, and discuss applications of the TaSST.