Gijs Huisman

Assistant professor at the Delft University of Technology working on embodied interaction and touch.

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Co-director of Food and Eating Design Lab

Just recently (as recently as this month) I became the co-director of the TU Delft’s Food and Eating Design Lab which is lead by Rick Schifferstein. I have already had the privilege of meeting some of the lab’s other members and students, and I am excited to start working with them. Topic-wise, my work at […]

New position at TU Delft

A new year, which, given how here in the Netherlands we are smoothly sliding into another month of our current coronavirus lockdown, feels very much like the previous one. Some things have changed, though, as the previous post might have already hinted at. Last November I started as an assistant professor at the Human-Centered Design […]

November 5, 2019

Eating together with technology

Sharing a meal is a special kind of social experience. We pass along salt, sauces, and side dishes. We toast and boast about how spicy we like our food. We talk about the food in front of us and when we do, we alternate talking with chewing, slurping and sipping. And of course, we occasionally […]

February 25, 2019

CHI’19 LBW papers

At the Digital Society School I direct research in the Digital to Physical track. This means I work closely with our Digital Transformation Designers (as we like to call them at them) on their various research projects. Last year, we decided to submit a paper for each of the DTD projects of last semester to the […]

June 25, 2012


Welcome to my personal website! Here I’ll be posting about my PhD work, and other stuff that I’m interested in.